Kea  0.9.2-beta
Kea Developer's Guide

Welcome to Kea Developer's Guide. This documentation is addressed at existing and prospecting developers and programmers and provides information needed to both extend and maintain Kea.

If you wish to write "hook" code - code that is loaded by Kea at run-time and modifies its behavior you should read the section Hooks Developer's Guide.

Kea maintenance information is divided into a number of sections depending on focus. Information on DHCP-specific topics can be found in the DHCP Maintenance Guide. General topics, are discussed in Miscellaneous Topics.

If you are a user or system administrator, rather than software engineer, you should read the Kea Administrator Reference Manual instead.

Regardless of your field of expertise, you are encouraged to visit the Kea webpage (

Contributor's Guide

Hooks Framework

DHCP Maintenance Guide

Kea Quality Assurance processes

Miscellaneous Topics